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Feb 02, 2017Devonshire Research Group Launches A Technology Industry Review Subscription Service

Devonshire Research Group announced today the launch of its industry research subscription service and the initiation of a systematic activist investor impact tracker. Tailored to funds, individual and institutional investors, this new initiative comes in response to an overwhelming interest the firm has received for its publicly-distributed short presentations for GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) in FY15 and Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) in FY16. By using data mining and proprietary analysis tools to draw insights on the technology markets, Devonshire Research Group aims to provide a source for credible, unbiased, and data-driven objective view of the markets.

Sep 14, 2016Devonshire Research Group Announces Expansion to New York

Devonshire Research Group announced its expansion to New York today. The firm's new office in Midtown-East will house the firm's Chief Investment Officer and serve as the hub for investment research, strategy, portfolio management and execution. The firm plans to hold its annual investor day in Q3 FY16 and also plans to host its signature Scotch and a Short event series in the new office.

May 24, 2016Devonshire Research Group Issues Part II of Research on Tesla

On Tuesday, May 24, Devonshire Research Group issued part II of research on Tesla. Building on Part I of Tesla's intellectual property analysis issued back in March 2016, "Tesla Motors - Part II" analyzes in-depth three additional angles and scrutinizes aspects of the firm's operating model, deliverables, and tax incentives.

Mar 22, 2016Devonshire Research Group Announces the Issuance of Tesla's Intellectual Property Research Analysis

On Tuesday, March 22nd, Devonshire Research Group issued a research presentation that provides in-depth analysis of Tesla's technology and intellectual property. The presentation, entitled "Tesla Motors," is a result of extensive engineering analysis and is based on months of research. The presentation can be found on Devonshire Research Group's website at

Jan 27, 2015Already Down 50%, Should GoPro's Stock Price Be Even Lower?

Devonshire Capital Fund distributed extensive research presentation, titled "An Analysis of GoPro," which analyzes GoPro's intellectual property. The presentation analyzes intellectual property that powers GoPro devices but does not belong to the company. Fund identified 15 patents that belong to multi-billion dollar consumer electronics corporations but used by GoPro. Article provides in-depth analysis of the research that serves as foundation for the presentation.

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Mar, 06, 2017 Here's a somber reminder of what's coming #techbubble #antivalley #unicornhunter #activism #shorttech #shortvalley
Mar, 03, 2017 @carney As yet another “camera” company makes its debut, DRG fondly remembers the mighty who have fallen (from peak…
Feb, 21, 2017 Collapsing unicorns are still up thanks to bullish markets. We short the valley #techbubble #antivalley #shorttech…
Feb, 21, 2017 $GPRO $LC $GRPN $ZNGA have lost up to 80% of their market cap since IPO, but ... #techbubble #antivalley…
Feb, 21, 2017 DRG's unicorn hypervaluation tracker now #techbubble #activism #antivalley #shorttech #unicornhunter
Feb, 21, 2017 DRG's unicorn hypervaluation tracker in Q316 #techbubble #activism #antivalley #shorttech #unicornhunter
Feb, 21, 2017 @YisroelSchaffel email us at and let's talk
Feb, 21, 2017 DRG will issue a newsletter focused on short alpha. Goal - de-fluff tech investing #unicornhunter #antivalley…
Feb, 20, 2017 @WillemKadijk Absolutely
Feb, 20, 2017 DRG holds the largest repository of activist investor profiles. Stay tuned for activist rankings! #activism…
Feb, 20, 2017 Announcing the new DRG website - the hub for tech news, short calls, and activist profiles/campaigns. Pitch us shor…
Feb, 20, 2017 DRG is live on Instagram. Investors - follow at devonshireresearch; Unicorns - beware #unicornhunter #techbubble #activism #antivalley
Feb, 14, 2017 Back in action with a new website and dashboard of short calls at - new research to be released soon!
May, 24, 2016 Devonshire issues Part Two of $TSLA short thesis with expanded analysis of Tesla financial and business model risks
Apr, 19, 2016 Russian and Chinese translations now available of the Tesla research released in March here:
Apr, 06, 2016 Curious opinion by @elonmusk: Shorting plays an important role in maintaining healthy markets, de-risking portfolios & rationalizing prices?
Mar, 22, 2016 @OpenOutcrier Great call out. This was released this morning. In time with Press Release on Yahoo.
Mar, 22, 2016 Devonshire Research Group releases report outlining a 3 part thesis for what it thinks about $TSLA's R&D and IP
Mar, 22, 2016 Over a year ago, Devonshire Research released its report on $GPRO, and initiated a short. Today, Devonshire releases its next report.
Mar, 22, 2016 Hello, World. Long time, first time.

Media Coverage

Date Publisher Coverage
Dec 30, 2016The Global MillennialAre Tesla’s Really As Green As We Think?
Dec 23, 2016The Daily CallerTesla’s Biggest Competitor Is On The Brink Of Complete Collapse
Nov 29, 2016The Daily CallerSEC Rips Tesla’s Sketchy Accounting Practices
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Oct 06, 2016The Daily CallerGoldman Sachs Downgrades Tesla Stock After Months Of Singing Its Praises
Oct 06, 2016Value WalkGoldman Downgrades Tesla, Devonshire Calls It An “After-Hours Laughing Matter”
Oct 05, 2016Learn BondsTesla Motors (TSLA) Eco-Friendly Batteries Are Not So Friendly [REPORT]
Sep 15, 2016Profit Confidential TSLA Stock: This Should Keep Tesla Motors Inc Shareholders Up At Night
Sep 13, 2016Climate GateTesla’s Elon Musk: visionair ondernemer of fantast?
Aug 29, 2016Seeking AlphaTesla And SolarCity: The Sting, Part Deux
Aug 27, 2016The Daily CallerTech Insiders Are Raising Red Flags On Elon Musk's Erratic Business Moves
Jul 16, 2016The Daily CallerInvestment Analyst: Elon Musk May Not Be The 'Right CEO For Tesla'
Jul 11, 2016The Daily CallerElon Musk Claims To Have 'Top Secret Master Plan' To Fix Business Woes
Jul 07, 2016Investing News NetworkIs Tesla Overvalued?
Jul 02, 2016The Daily CallerTesla's No Good, Terrible Month Raises Troubling Questions For Musk's Empire
Jun 26, 2016The Daily CallerProfound Miscalculations': This Might Be The Last Thing Elon Musk Wants To Hear Right Now
Jun 23, 2016ReutersBehind Tesla carnage, signs of support for Musk's SolarCity deal
Jun 23, 2016The Daily CallerTech Analyst Says SolarCity Buyout Could Add Another Nail In Tesla's Coffin
Jun 13, 2016Gear BrainDoug Kass Got it Right With Tesla. Ignore Him at Your Own Risk!
Jun 10, 2016The Daily CallerDid Tesla Direct Model S Owners Not To Tell Feds About Suspension Problems?
Jun 07, 2016Libertarian Republic 5 Reasons Why Elon Musk Should Fear Apple's Electric Vehicles
Jun 01, 2016The Daily CallerTesla Model 3 Owners Will Have To Pay To Use Free Charging Stations
May 27, 2016ISP Online Devonshire Research Group Issues Part II of Research on Tesla
May 27, 2016Hacker News Devonshire Research Group had a very interesting analysis of Tesla
May 25, 2016TeslaCentral Malicious investment firm calls Tesla a 'Ponzi scheme's
May 25, 2016The Daily Caller New Market Report Calls Tesla A 'Ponzi Scheme' Similar To Enron
May 25, 2016Profit Confidential Tesla Motors Inc: Analyst Delivers Reality Check to Tesla Stock Investors
May 24, 2016Barron's Tesla Motors: 11 Reasons to Sell Now
May 24, 2016Investor's Business Daily Tesla Short Seller Issues Scathing Warning Of Pending 'Death Spiral'
May 24, 2016Investor's Business Daily Bears Try To Take Driver's Seat On Tesla: Is It Working?
May 24, 2016Seeking Alpha Risks and rewards as Tesla Motors navigates supplier issues
May 24, 2016Trading Gods Tesla Stock Heading for Major Crash, Analyst Says
May 24, 2016Lithium Investing Is Tesla Motors Stock Overvalued?
May 24, 2016Benzinga Tesla Shares Falling; Devonshire Research Publishes Short Report
May 24, 2016Zero Hedge Tesla Compared To Enron, Ponzi Scheme In Scathing New Research Report
May 24, 2016The Fly Devonshire issues second installment of Tesla short report
May 24, 2016StreetInsider UPDATE: Tesla (TSLA) Mentioned Cautiously at Devonshire Research
May 24, 2016ValueWalk Tesla Motors (TSLA) Financing Model Mirrors Scams - Devonshire
May 05, 2016Peak Magazine How Green Are Tesla's E-Cars, Really?
Apr 03, 2016The Daily Caller Tech Study: Elon Musk's Tesla Is NOT As Green As Once Believed
Apr 03, 2016FairFax UndergroundTesla Not As Green As Once Believed
Apr 01, 2016Auto SpiesSHOCKER? Tesla's Vehicles ARE NOT As Green As You May Think
Apr 01, 2016Social BarrelThe Unveiling of Tesla Model 3 - What Is It?
Mar 31, 2016WiredTesla's Electric Cars Aren't As Green As You Might Think
Mar 30, 2016International Business TimesTesla Motors Poised To Unveil Model 3 Prototype: Here Are Some Challenges Elon Musk's Electric Car Company Faces Going Forward
Mar 27, 2016Seeking AlphaThe Model 3 Reveal: Tesla Appears Poised To Issue Debt And $2 Billion In Equity
Mar 24, 2016The Country CallerTesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Stock Hiccups On S&P Global Market Intelligence's Downgrade
Mar 23, 2016The Country CallerTesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Stock Falls Despite Offering Ludicrous Upgrade For P90D
Mar 23, 2016Tesla Motors ClubDevonshire Research Short Tesla Motors Inc
Mar 22, 2016BenzingaTesla Wears Many Hats: Does It Justify The Valuation?
Mar 22, 2016Sonoran Weekly ReviewTesla Slips 1% - Devonshire Research Claims Share Price Is Overvalued (NASDAQ:TSLA)
Mar 22, 2016Country CallerTesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Stock Slides On Devonshire Research's Bearish Note
Mar 22, 2016Yahoo FinanceDevonshire Research Group Announces the Issuance of Tesla's Intellectual Property Research Analysis
Mar 22, 2016ValueWalkDevonshire Research Short Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)
Mar 22, 2016Market WiredDevonshire Research Group Announces the Issuance of Tesla's Intellectual Property Research Analysis
Apr 16, 2015YahooXLP Capital Hosts First Annual Investor Day for Devonshire Capital Funds
Feb 12, 2015High BeamDevonshire Capital Funds Publishes GoPro's Intellectual Property Research Analysis
Feb 09, 2015ReutersDevonshire Capital Funds Announces the Issuance of GoPro's Intellectual Property Research Analysis
Feb 09, 2015Business WireDevonshire Capital Funds Announces the Issuance of GoPro's Intellectual Property Research Analysis
Jan 27, 2015SlideshareDevonshire Capital Funds - GoPro's Intellectual Property Analysis
Jan 27, 2015Seeking AlphaAlready Down 50 Percent, Should GoPro's Stock Price Be Even Lower?
Jan 27, 2015Seeking AlphaThe Compelling Reason To Short GoPro

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